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Last week I cut down amount to 1 tab per 24 hr period except for yesterday, my 5th day, I took 1/2 tab. Some aches, a couple times had flushing and cold (goosebumps). Have you notified anyone that you are going through withdrawal? To answer your question about hydrocodone withdrawal, though….medical treatment usually involves supportive care and medications.

The first 3 days after my reduction was very uncomfortable but when i felt i could not deal with the discomfort any longer, i took the 1 tab that i reserved for each day. It sounds like you are doing your best to manage and care for symptoms at home.

The most commonly used medication for opiate withdrawal is clonidine. Please send me your zip code (via email or the contact form at the bottom of every page) and I’ll search the SAMHSA Treatment Locator database for you.This is because the body makes adjustments to adapt to the presence of hydrocodone over time. So if you take hydrocodone every day for a few weeks, your body gets used to the medicine.Hydrocodone bind to receptors in the brain and blocks the feeling of pain.Although these conditions may also be present during addiction, they are markers of physical dependence.1.Tolerance – After time, higher doses of hydrocodone are required to get the same initial effects (pain relief).2.

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Your body and brain can react strongly, even violently, sometimes.